Whilst configuring our new hybrid workspace, putting in a traditional switchboard/PABX simply never crossed our minds. With half our team working from home and the other half coming into the office only to collaborate and socialize, a traditional switchboard simply couldn’t cut it.

Apart from the usual suspects of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp (which come with significant cost increases to then cover mobile calls and data costs), we needed a work-from-phone solution with all the bells and whistles of a traditional switchboard, double the reliability of VOIP and half the cost of mobile phone calls.

We knew we weren’t the only ones looking for a viable solution. International research suggests that as much as 33% of businesses don’t intend to have an office in the future and another 33% intend having only essential staff work from the office. That leaves two-thirds of the workforce outside the reach of a traditional switchboard.

So, we built it… It’s called MobiNET and it does everything a traditional PABX does and more, literally quadrupling the ease of connecting with each other at twice the reliability and a fraction of the cost. Yes, literally, a fraction of the cost:

  • free internal calls;
  • 50% cost reduction when calling customers on mobile networks; and
  • pay only for what you use with per second billing.

Need we say more?

Our staff love that we separate their business calls from their private lives and their private phones, without using their data or bandwidth.

We love it because we can reliably connect ourselves and our customers at the touch of a button (or icon in this case), there are virtually no dropped calls as it runs on the same infrastructure as the emergency services, and the cost of mobile calls hasn’t gone through the roof.

If you’d like to know more about this innovation, head on over to the MobiNET website and fill out the contact form. We’ll give you a call from our MobiNET phone.