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1. Startup

Founders with ideas that need fleshing out, thinking about and working out…

In the earliest stages, we help founders decide if and how they should go ahead based on fit-for-purpose validation approaches.

At this early stage, the goal is to make good decisions early on that can save a lot of pain, heartache and money later on.

Armed with a start-up pitch-deck, business model canvas and investment business case, you’re ready for success…

Decide, Define and Plan

  • Ideation
  • Validation
  • Product-market-fit
  • Value proposition
  • Design thinking
  • Scoping

2. Angel

Conceptual validation is fine and well, but real proof comes from the marketplace

In the Angel phase, your POC is built and tested.

Ideally, a limited launch with the goal of securing benevolent customers, unafraid to test and support new ideas.

A POC is neither complete, nor perfect but must show benefits and value that outstrip the costs.

Validation and proof-of-Concept

  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Prototype
  • Validation
  • Go-To-Market

3. Seed

A successful POC leads into the MVP phase of product development, along with demonstrating benefits to customers, business model and potential to scale rapidly, without friction.

Compelling evidence supporting the business model and proving frictionless scale-ability are the key goals for this phase.

Success will see you attract investment and talent to support a fully commercialized launch.

Proof of Business-Model & Potential

  • Minimum Viable Product Launch
  • Early Customer Acquisition
  • Predictable Cash Flow
  • Evidence Growth Potential

4. Series A+

Attracting the right funders and getting the right deal to help you scale internationally isn’t easy, nor is it simple.

It takes a team of specialists and years of experience with many “raises” under the belt to understand the complexities and implications of a typical investment deal.

Success here, will see your investors at your side, helping to scale your venture rapidly.

Growth Plan and Funding

  • Business systems
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Support
  • Operations at Scale
  • Investment